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VPCART Tools to Help You Sell Your Best This Holiday Season.

VPCART Tools to Help You Sell Your Best This Holiday Season.

Friday, October 23, 2020


Some merchants are of the opinion that Black Friday isn’t the storm-the-stores tradition it used to be, what with hollow promotions, declining foot traffic, the post-covid-19 economy, and the huge growth in online buying. However, one way or another, most people around the world are going to be spending big during the official start of the holiday buying season.

The best way to take part in this ritual without busting your budget? Arm yourself with a spending plan and tools to help you stay on budget. Then use these VPCART modules and add-ons to get some serious cash back during this Holiday Season.


VPCart Facebook Feed Module

 In a recent survey, it was discovered that buyer habits have shifted more toward online shopping in 2020. 6 out of every 10 people state that they now prefer to buy online as against visiting a physical store. The Facebook feed module helps you meet customers where they are—online, it gives you the opportunity to place your products and services right there in front of your customers. This module allows you to,

  • The Facebook Feed module helps you increase your brand/product's presence on social media from your VPCART store.
  • It will improve your brand/product's popularity and get more traffic to your VPCART store.
  • The module is easy to customize and use it in your own way without technical knowledge.
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Does not conflict with any other third module

You can leverage a popular social media platform to boost your traffic and sales. By showing your Facebook page activities on your website dynamically through the dashboard, you can promote your social posts right from your own website. Moreover, the Facebook feed module will also give a boost to your Facebook page popularity.


SEO Toolkit

 Improve your search engine rankings by testing, analyzing, and monitoring, not just your website, but also your competitors’. This Module enables the possibility to add keywords, meta titles, and descriptions. Next to that, it generates an XML Sitemap for your site.

 It includes a Google Site Map Generator, Google Base Feed, Amazon Product Ads, and a URL Rewriter for friendly URLs.

By being able to control the URLs for your products, categories, blogs, and news articles you can ensure that your pages rank well in Google and other Search Engines.


Side Menu Filters

 The Side Menu Filters module is a smart search app that helps customers find the exact product they’re looking for, with customizable filtering, search autocomplete, and a product recommender feature.

it is an advanced search filtering feature to allow your customers to quickly and easily search for the products they are looking for.

  • Faster & easier search as well as product filtering processes. Now, with the Side Menu Filters, customers will be able to search for a product, features, price ranges, et cetera from your database and all in one single place without leaving the page
  • Customers can also easily add the products to cart or view the products – customers can do multiple types of searches i.e., features and price range all in one place without leaving the page.


Phone Order Module

 Now that you have attracted the customers to the store, it is time to making their shopping seamless. Process phone orders from a convenient interface on your Online Store. Assign the order to a new or existing customer, add items quickly and easily, and complete their order in a few clicks. Billing, shipping, discounts, and more are all available just as with a typical online order.   

How does it work? 

  • Easily handle phone orders through a convenient manual interface 
  • Set up payment methods with ease 
  • Assign orders to new or existing customers for your records 


One Page Checkout

The Module allows your store to contains all elements of a standard checkout process on a single page, including cart contents, payment details, billing and shipping addresses, and shipping options. This reduces the number of pages and clicks to complete payment, resulting in a faster checkout process for your customers.

There are several reasons a customer may decide to abandon their purchase but the two main ones are;

  • Being forced to register an account before purchasing
  • Having too many steps in the checkout process

The One Page Checkout module removes both of these factors; your customers can use the ‘guest checkout’ facility then enter all of the necessary checkout information (including, coupon codes, etc) on a single page.

This has been proven to significantly reduce abandoned carts and consequently increase sales.


VP-CART Fraud Alert

Aside from phishing and hacking, when you accept a fraudulent payment, you could be held financially responsible for the loss. When you receive such an order and it has been reported as fraudulent, your bank can retract the money paid into your account and give it back to the cardholder.

This alone can result in the loss of your product AND your money!

Don’t be a victim of this stealth crime, protect your store today with the VPCART Fraud Alert Module.

The VP-CART Fraud Alert system runs from within your admin. When looking at an order the merchant will be able to view the likelihood of an order being fraudulent, by clicking on the Fraud Alert link the pop-up window will appear to identify if the purchaser is the legitimate cardholder.

Afterpay Payment Module

Give your customers the opportunity to shop more with this Module. Afterpay divides transactions into four equal installments due every two weeks. Using Afterpay, you can improve the conversion rate, reduce cart abandonment, and increase average order value. Afterpay settles the full amount up-front and assumes any credit and fraud risk.

Afterpay is a free service offered by retailers to shoppers - there are no upfront fees charged nor any interest incurred.


  • Calculates and displays Afterpay payments info on product details pages, cart page, and checkout page.
  • Refund via API in VPCart Orders administration
  • Support multiple gateways
  • Easy to use & set up with minimal settings.
  • Easy setting of API keys.
  • Well tested on modern browsers and mobile devices.


Shipstation Module

Import, manage and ship your orders with ShipStation Module. This module is for use with the ShipStation Custom Store method. The Custom Store allows ShipStation to pull VPCart order information and enables ShipStation to automatically send shipment status and tracking information updates back to your VPCart once a label is created. It's the best way to sync up orders with ShipStation and have the most seamless experience.


Customer Loyalty System

There is nothing wrong with rewarding those loyal customers for buying from you. The customer accumulates points by buying goods at your store. At some point, the customer can redeem all or some of their points. These points can either be used as cash or converted to gift cert or discount coupon,

The Customer Loyalty Reward System has the following features:

  • Points can be converted to a gift certificate or discount coupon
  • The conversion rate of points to currency is set by the merchant
  • Customer can the number of points to be converted
  • Customer can review the number of points available to be converted
  • Mail is sent to both customer and merchant when a conversion is made


Final Note

Equipping your store with for the holiday season is not a  bad move if you intend to make money, the modules listed above will not only help you achieve the desired goal of getting through to the customers. It will also help you to engage them properly. For more information on possible modules and Add-Ons, do contact our helpdesk and if you are yet to update your VPCART Store, Why don’t you do so now.



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