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Installation Service

If you are new to e-commerce some of these terms and features may seem confusing and daunting; Access databases, SSL, gateways, SQL Server, MySQL, dynamic page displays instead of creating your own HTML, taxes, shipping, payments, discounts, etc.

As a service to our customers, we now offer an installation service that is designed to get VP-CART installed and running for you in as little time as possible.

This service will get VP-CART running on your selected web hosting company and includes the following:

a. Liaise with you for your company and hosting details.

b. Upload the VP-CART package of your choice to your web hosting company.

c. Database setup:

  1. Upload the Access database to a special directory provided by your web hosting company
  2. Build the SQL Server or MySQL tables

d. Update VP-CART configuration files to include your customer and database details

e. Configure the Shopping Cart to include:

  1. Basic Company configuration and e-mail set-up
  2. Company name and details

f. Add up to five categories

g. Add up to 10 products

h. Set-Up SSL if available

i.Run basic tests and complete a test order

  1. Verify the database can be read and written
  2. Verify the mail can be sent on order completion
  3. Verify products and categories are displayed

Optional Tasks

  1. Set up dual currency handling
  2. Set-up taxes for your online store based on your locality
  3. Set-up shipping from our numerous shipping routines
  4. Set-up payment types you want to use

What is not included

  • We do not modify any of your existing site in any way
  • Integrating VP-CART with your existing site
  • Additional website design and/or development

Data Conversion

If you wish us to convert your existing database into VP-CART format, this will be quoted separately. This is not included as part of the basic installation service.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in this service and you already own a copy of VP-CART, you can request installation by submitting a ticket in our online help desk and inserting your details in our secure FTP section.

If you are enquiring about our installation service you can contact us by sending us a request via our contact us page. We will verify that your web hosting company can run VP-CART and if it cannot, we will recommend a suitable host. We will then send you a checklist of the information we need from you and a quote for doing this work.


This service is FREE when you sign up for the Gold or Platinum hosting packages. For more information about our hosting plans and rates, go to hosting page here.

If you already have your own web host the installation service is still very cheap as a standalone service; from just US$150 for the basic install, you can have your VP-CART online store up and running in no time. This installation cost is in addition to the cost of the VP-CART Shopping software. Please contact us if you are interested.

Server Requirements

  • Windows server (IIS)
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • 30MB disk space

We also provide web hosting services and our hosting is far superior to many other hosting services available on the market. Because we have developed the shopping cart software ourselves, we have ensured our hosting services has been geared to provide optimum performance, with guaranteed stability, speed, and security. You may refer the following links for more details about our different hosting services.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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