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VP-CART is at the forefront of E-commerce security development

At VP-CART we understand that online security is critical to any online business. As such, we have ensured that we are at the forefront of e-commerce security development. Some of our key security features include:

  • SSL - All of our software packages have integrated support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security. All credit card information is sent to VP-CART via SSL if SSL is available on your domain.

    Since the release of VPCART 7.0, we have ceased support for shared SSL.
  • Deletion of credit card details once an order is processed. This is an added security measure to ensure that your customer's details are always safe!
  • Digital Encryption of credit card details. Although VP-CART does not recommend the storage of credit card information, should you wish to do so, all information can be digitally encrypted for maximum security.
  • Support of over 110 payment gateways. VP-CART interfaces with over 100 payment gateways. A number of these take the credit card details on their site so the storage of credit card by your shopping cart is never needed.
  • Hiding of Admin System. The Admin system can be hidden to ensure that it cannot be found and exploited by hackers.
  • Regular Updates. VP-CART releases regular updates to ensure that the software remains safe and secure.
  • Checklist. VP-CART has developed a comprehensive checklist for users to ensure that their store is as secure as possible before going live.
  • Upgrade - The latest release of VP-CART has all security patches applied so to ensure complete online security for you and your customers please use the latest versions of our software.

At VP-CART, security is a top priority. If you have any security concerns or believe that you have discovered a security vulnerability, please contact us immediately.

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Security is Important to us

Security bulletins
From time to time security-related websites issue bulletins related to the security of various online shopping carts.

We believe that if our simple guidelines are followed, VP-CART is one of the most secure shopping carts available.

To protect our customers, VPCART does not publicly disclose or confirm security vulnerabilities until VPCART has conducted an analysis on such vulnerabilities of the product and issued fixes and/or mitigations.

VPCART issues out security Bulletins notify customers about one or more vulnerabilities. Customers are responsible for assessing the impact of any actual or potential security vulnerability in the context of their environment.

Should you have any queries about a security bulletin that you have seen, please contact us.



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