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VPCart Mobile StoreFront

If you currently own an online store that is not mobile-compatible, then you are really missing out on a large market of prospective buyers. Recent market reports predicted that mobile payment is to hit a whopping $1 trillion by the end of 2019. As technology rapidly improves, more and more people are taking advantage of the convenience of shopping using their mobile devices for businesses. So don't get left behind and GO MOBILE NOW with VPCart Mobile Storefront!

Be Mobile-Ready for Google's New Search Algorithm

Last April 21, 2015, Google added mobile-friendliness as part of their search ranking signal. This means that Google will be penalizing sites that are not mobile-ready. So if you do not have a mobile storefront, your online store will not rank high in Google search results.

The good news is, we've got you covered here at VPCART because our mobile-hosted stores as well as our latest software, VPCART 9.00, are fully compliant to Google's new search algorithm.

Why choose VPCART with the integrated Mobile StoreFront?

  • Extend your store's reach - Your customers may access your store no matter where they are.
  • No need for a separate web address! - Customers are automatically redirected to your store when they access via a mobile device.
  • Quick and easy setup - VPCART Mobile Storefront connects directly to your database and automatically updates with all of your products and categories.
  • VPCART now has a new modern responsive layout - With the release of our latest and most powerful software to date, VPCART 9.00, customers may now fully view and easily navigate through your store using any mobile device, whether desktop, mobile, tablet or even a portable kiosk style setup.

    To learn more about VPCART 9.00, please click the link below:

    If you would like to upgrade your VPCART Software, check your license status or extend your license, you may go to our Upgrade page.
  • Get a FREE mobile storefront - Some of our competitors offer their mobile stores with prices of up to $799. At VPCART, our Mobile Storefront is included FREE with all VPCART 9.00 packages!

    You may view our demo mobile store by going to demo900 on your smartphone or tablet.

If you are a Business Ready Plan customer simply send us a ticket in the helpdesk and we will upgrade your store for you for free to the very latest mobile ready VPCART 9.0.

What if you don't want to Upgrade to VPCART 9.00 yet?

Are you using VPCART but an earlier version and you do not wish to upgrade to VPCART 9.00 yet, Then you might be missing out on an incredible business tool. VPCart 9.0 is an amazing, dynamic, customizable, and scalable eCommerce solution that provides business owners with every necessary tool they need to launch a successful online store

We offer very affordable plans that will suit your business requirements, no matter how big or small your budget is. Grow your business and overcome every limitation your storefront might be experiencing.

VPCart 9.00, Do more, Achieve More

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