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Flux Creative

Online Marketing & Optimisation


Flux Creative is a full service marketing agency with over 20 years’ experience in online marketing our SEO consultants have extensive industry knowledge.  


You can talk directly to our senior team. We listen to your needs to create optimisation strategies that work. 


We thoroughly track, measure and analyse your data to build a solid base for all your future online marketing success. We can take all the hard work out of your hands or train you to do it yourself with our customized KPI reporting keeping you up to date on a monthly basis. Our team can also help with design and development if needed.


Want to learn more? Book a consultation.
(https://www.fluxcreative.com.au/free-consultation)  We are happy to catch up via zoom to discuss the possibilities. 


7g/354 Reserve Road, Cheltenham, VIC 3192, Australia 

+61 3 9583 3358 - AEST

[email protected]


SEO Training

We also offer SEO training by real SEO consultants. Our workshops are ideal for business owners and marketing teams. We listen and tailor our website optimization training sessions to meet your needs.


We work directly on your website, helping your team set up effective campaigns and optimisation strategies that can work immediately and also become the perfect grounding for all your future online marketing.


Our team will guide you through the fundamentals of effective SEO using real world case studies and teach you the same strategies we have successfully implemented over the years for many of our clients.


Flux Insights 


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