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VPCart Value

provides you with all of the tools you need to start your online business now. Package includes FREE support* plus free upgrade and access to our Download Center for 12 months. With unrivaled eCommerce features and functionality, VPCart Value will have your state-of-the-art online store up and running in no time.

VPCart Value

Greater Product Control

VPCart Value gives you advanced product display options such as Automatic Extended Descriptions and Kit Configuration, built in integration for PayPal and UPS Real-Time, and order confirmation emails to merchant and customer. The Value Pac also contains the Inventory Products Module, which allows you to accurately monitor stock.


The VPCart Value Pac allows you to display your site in any language and preferred currency of your choice.

Payment Security

SSL and Credit Card Encryption is supported in the VPCart Value Pac, providing a safer shopping experience for your customers.

PCI Compatibility

PCI Compliance is the latest in security certification now being sought by banks, merchant providers and consumers. VPCart is compatible with PCI Compliance requirements and can be deployed as part of a certified system.** Please read the PCI FAQ for more information.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Give your customers more features such as the ability to offer cross-selling products, buy one and get one free, unlimited products and categories. You can even offer your customers the ability to make donations!

Flexible Pricing

Customer-based pricing allows you to apply different prices to different customers, so your wholesale and retail customers can pay different amounts. Quantity-Based Pricing allows you to apply discounts for bulk purchases.

Enhanced Administration Features

The VPCart Value Pac Administration includes Search Term Recording, a Stock Low Report, a Products Sold Report and the ability to review past orders through the web-based administration console.

Upgrade to Value Plus

If within 30 days of purchasing the Value Pac you decide that you need more features, you can upgrade to the Plus Pac by purchasing the

Value to Plus Expansion Pac for only US$200. That's US$70 savings from its original price of US$270 (cost difference between the Value and Plus Pacs).

The Value to Plus Expansion Pac allows you to upgrade from the Value to the Plus Pac by simply dropping the new files over the existing ones. This not only saves you time and money but also provides you with even more great features for your VPCart online store!

Click here to contact our Sales Team to take advantage of this special offer.

Server Requirements

  • Windows server (IIS)
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • 30MB disk space
  • Access, SQL Server or MySQL

* The Value Pac comes bundled with 50 free support points for use in our online Help Desk. Please note that these support points will expire in 12 months after the date of purchase.

** Successful PCI Certification relies on multiple factors including hosting environment, business practices, configuration, and payment gateway provider. Successful PCI compliant deployment of VPCart is the sole responsibility of the end user.

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