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VP-CART Reseller Program.

Make money from our technology!

Are you a developer, ISP, or other retailer wanting to provide an affordable, comprehensive e-commerce solution to your clients? Then becoming a VP-CARTreseller is just the thing for you!

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VP-CART offer two reseller levels -

There are a fantastic number of benefits to becoming a VP-CART Reseller, including:

  • Large discounts on the retail price
  • Early notification of new releases
  • Beta testing
  • Priority customizations
  • Listing of your services on our website
  • No ongoing fees
  • Ability to rebrand VP-CART 9.0 under your own banner through our White Label system

To find out more about the facilities and features of the VP-CART 9.0 click here

For a list of current VP-CART Resellers, please see our Reseller Listing page.

If you aren't interested in being a reseller, but still want to become involved with offering VP-CART to your clients, look at our affiliate program.

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Level One Reseller Program

The Level One Reseller Program is tailored to the low volume ISP or Developer. Once you have made your first purchase you are entitled to a 40% discount on any subsequent license purchases!

This enables you to provide the VP-CART Shopping Cart e-commerce solution at an ultra-competitive price.

To make our reseller system more user-friendly, we have changed the way the reseller system works. Previously, if you didn't make the minimum sales level, you lost your reseller status. Now you just need to have made your first sale at a full price to always receive the reseller discount.

As a Level One Reseller, you can now buy VP-CART at 40% off the normal retail price for your customers.

VP-CART can be sold as-is or be included in your software. You pay for each copy of VP-CART as needed. No advanced payment is required. You can sell VP-CART at your price to your own customers and have priority access to our customization services if required.

Other benefits and notes:

  • You must purchase a copy of VP-CART 9.0 plus the Value to Plus expansion pack at full price to qualify.
  • You must read and agree to our reseller agreement.
  • We will list you on our authorized reseller pages on our site.

Level Two Reseller Program

The Level Two Reseller Program is tailored to the high volume ISP or Developer.

This level of the agreement allows you to purchase a Bulk License for an agreed number of copies of the VP-CART 9.0.

This enables you to provide the VP-CART 9.0 software solution to your clients at a highly competitive price such as part of your hosting package, marketing promotions, or as one of your products.

With this option, you will receive discounts of up to 60% on bulk license purchases.

- 5 licenses: 45% discount
- 10 licenses: 50% discount
- 20 licenses: 55% discount
- 30 licenses: 60% discount

Other benefits and notes:

  • A one-off payment for an agreed number of licenses. VP-CART can be sold as-is, repackaged as part of your own products, or re-badged (subject to approval).
  • You must read and agree to our reseller agreement.

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VP-CART Hosting Reseller Program

We also offer reseller rewards for our hosting plans. For more information go to our Hosting Reseller page.

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