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VP-CART Hosting Reseller Program

Make Money from our technology!

Are you a developer, ISP or other retailer wanting to provide affordable, comprehensive e-commerce hosting solution to your clients? Then becoming a VP-CART Hosting Reseller is just the thing for you!

To get started, all you need to do is sign up as a reseller, and after your first full-priced hosting sign up all subsequent sign-ups, including your first account, will receive a 20% discount for the life of the account!

Sign Up as a VP-CART Reseller

Other benefits and notes:

  • The first fee on sign up is at full price. All subsequent invoices are at the relevant reseller rate.
  • Any discount receivable on existing accounts is applied immediately upon sign up
  • You must read and agree to our reseller agreement.

Sign-up to become a VP-CART Hosting Reseller

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