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SEO Toolkit

VP-CART's SEO Toolkit Module is a powerful Search Engine Optimisation tool to help your site appears at the top of search results.

The SEO Toolkit includes a Google Site Map Generator, Google Base Feed, Amazon Product Ads and a URL Rewriter for friendly URLs.

By being able to control the URLs for your products, categories, blogs and news articles you can ensure that your pages rank well in Google and other Search Engines.

The SEO Toolkit integrates fully with our Blogs and News Manager and will generate the URLs for you automatically. The pages displayed are still dynamically generated from your database however they will appear with the category and product name as part of the URL.

You can see an example of the URL rewriting feature working in our online demo.

The URL in this example is a mix of the category and product name to give you

What other reasons are there to use the SEO Toolkit?

One of the most common errors in Google Analytics is the "Page not found" error. This occurs when Google or another search engine has spidered your site and you then either hide or delete a product or category.

The SEO Toolkit will not remove the link from your site. Instead, it creates a 301 redirection as recommended by Google and directs the visitor to a custom error page that you allows you to control the message displayed to your customer.

Which version of VPCART does the SEO ToolKit work with?

The SEO ToolKit will work with all VPCART 9.0 versions from the free LITE Pac to the Deluxe Pac. If you have purchased the Deluxe Pac you already actually have the module as we have included this as one of the default features!

If you have an earlier version please contact us to find out if your version is supported.


The VP-CART SEO Toolkit costs US$195.


We recently updated the SEO Toolkit Module to ensure the Google product feed contains all of the required fields.

Google made a few changes when they switch over to a paid service. You can read more about it on our blog.

If you purchased the module in the last 12 months you can update to the latest version free of charge. Simply submit a ticket to the helpdesk and we will provide you with instructions on how to update.

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