VPCart 9.0

The latest and greatest version of one of the most established and flexible shopping cart systems has now arrived!

VPCart 9.0 comes with more improvements and new features specially crafted to give your business the best results than you can imagine. You can now go beyond and develop your own e-commerce solutions using our robust API, integrate with the most powerful accounting packages and manage your store on the go using our new mobile-friendly admin design!

What's New in VPCart 9.0?

Discover the new features included in version 9 and be ready to take your e-commerce store to the next level:

  • Abandoned Cart Notification Email – Complete those orders by sending an email invitation to customers who have added an item to their cart but left before completing checkout!
  • Mega menu – Impress your visitors/customers with easier customer navigation
  • Design Manager – Save hours of your time, Publish your site quickly with colorful design
  • Currency Converter – Updates all of your existing currency exchanges to the latest rate
  • Sales Tracker For MyShopping.com.au – Track your VPCart site sales for products that are coming from MyShopping.com.au site.
  • VPCart API – Utilise the power of VPCart in your own apps
  • Google Product Review - Get those feedbacks from your customers with this feature.
  • Google Address Auto Suggest - Improve the time required for a visitor/customer during checkout by reducing the friction in the checkout process
  • And much more…
And coming soon after VP-Cart 9 is released will be:
  • QuickBooks Online Module
  • Xero Accounting System Module
  • Facebook Store (Business Ready customers only) – Sell on Social!
  • WordPress Store (Business Ready customers only) – Easily integrate your store with your existing WordPress site

Fully responsive and mobile friendly admin interface:

Managing an e-commerce store is around the clock job and it's not always convenient to log onto your computer to make changes/process orders. Now you can manage your store on the go with our mobile-friendly admin manager, customize with ease and save more time doing it

Powerful Storefront additions:

Product variants, mega menu, incomplete order follow up and much more

VPCart v9 is coming with a powerful set of new features that will improve the user experience on your storefront and, consequently will drive you more sales. Customer experience is essential to make the user of your store to become a customer of your brand. We are making available fantastic new modules that would have a direct impact on your store experience.

Advanced Product Variants

The Advanced Product Variants feature allows you to add different colors, sizes and other variants of your products to your product inventory, allowing your visitors/customers to buy multiple versions of the same product. Ideal if you sell products such as apparel which come in different sizes and colors.

Mega Menu

Online shoppers love websites that are easy to navigate. The faster they can find what they are looking for, the less likely they are to get bored and go elsewhere. Improve your conversion rate by allowing fast and easy access to your categories with our new highly customizable Mega Menu.

Incomplete order follow up

On average, 70% of customers who add products to their cart don't complete their purchase. With the incomplete order follow up feature, you'll be able to recover these lost sales and boost your profits.

Advanced Search Filter

Allows your customers to filter by their exact requirements so they can find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Design manager – Simple customization of your store

Customize the layout of your store easily even without having any coding knowledge. With our new design manager, you can define all the visual elements of your store and customize our stunning new templates to your own specification.

Integrations with QuickBooks and Xero

VPCart 9 will integrate with the Xero and QuickBooks accounting systems through one of our partners to make it much easier for you to manage your orders, products and customer info in one place.


The VPCart 9 API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with your favorite third-party software or even use it to build your own shopping cart software.


The VPCart 9 API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with your favorite third-party software or even use it to build your own shopping cart software./p>

Live Currency Rates Converter

Leverage the power of an intuitive currency converter and avoid any revenue loss as result of currency conversion, get your product prices converted accurately at all time.

Time-Delayed Holding of Stock during Check out

Do you sell stock level sensitive products such as event tickets? Temporarily reserve or hold products for a pre-set period of time when the customers add them to their shopping cart.

Want to enjoy all these new powerful features?

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