Side Menu Filters

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Side Menu Filters allow your customers to filter or narrow the list of products at product listing page, by price range (just switch the price scroll bar), or enter the wanted keyword and also to narrow them by product features e.g. colors.

The Side Menu Filters module is a simple search and filtering function for VPCart - it is an advanced search filtering feature to allow your customers to quickly and easily search for the products they are looking for.

  • Faster & easier search as well as product filtering processes. Now, with the Side Menu Filters, customers will be able to search for a product, features, price ranges, et cetera from your database and all in one single place without leaving the page
  • Customers can also easily add the products to cart or view the products – customers can do multiple types of searches i.e., features and price range all in one place without leaving the page.
  • Create as many fields and different filtering options from the admin panel.
  • Customers will now be able to shop according to their budget and preference.
  • Manage the Side Menu Filters with simple configurations from the admin panel.
  • Provide your customers with another easy way to search for products.

Version 9 Deluxe Pac comes with the Side Menu Filters included.