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On the Frequently Asked Questions page, you will find some of the most common questions we receive from our customers regarding our software and services. The questions cover everything from pre-sales, to setting up your first online store, to technical support. If you have any questions not listed, feel free to contact us here.

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Payment Solutions

Signing up for a payment gateway is almost a necessity with any online store; they provide the easiest way to automatically process credit card payments with the added security that both you and your customers need. However, there are so many different companies offering different features, types of integration and transaction rates. On the Understanding Online Payments page, we cover the different types of payment solutions and list the most popular solutions used by our customers.

You will receive 3 payment gateway files with each license purchased for 12 months.


VP-ASP offer hosting services which take away the pain of finding a reliable and compatible hosting company. When you sign up with VP-ASP for hosting, we also provide FREE installation of the VP-ASP shopping cart software.

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VP-ASP has developed relationships with many companies around the world. These companies provide services such as hosting, web design and development, and VP-ASP add-ons.

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