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VP-CART can interface easily with any existing website. VP-CART is designed not only as a shopping cart but also as an extremely powerful website generator. FrontPage and Dreamweaver are separate products and are not required. We recommend that you have a feel of VP-CART independent of other software. Once you understand all the things that VP-CART can do for you automatically, you will find that you will only need to create very little or no separate HTML files.


What can VP-CART do for me automatically?

  • Display products and categories with images and descriptions
  • Product searches
  • Take customer details using a form
  • Take payment details
  • Create an end of order invoice
  • Send emails to both the customer and merchant
  • Plus literally hundreds of other merchant related facilities such as reports.

VP-CART allows you to link directly to its facilities and you can link back to your hand-made pages. Here are some examples:

  • Link from VP-CART back to your pages
  • Automatic link back to your images
  • Automatic link back to your pages
  • Automatic page generation via HTML templates
  • Merge any table with any template
  • Service Payments
  • Use your editor to modify VP-CART HTML templates
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