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Can VPCART Integrate with an Existing Website?

It might interest you to know that VP-CART was designed not only as a shopping cart but also as an extremely powerful website generator so it can conveniently interface with any existing website. FrontPage and Dreamweaver are separate products and are not required. We recommend that you have a feel of VP-CART independent of other software. Once you understand all the things that VP-CART can do for you automatically, you will find that you will only need to create very little or no separate HTML files.


What can VP-CART do for me automatically?

  • Display products and categories with images and descriptions
  • Product searches
  • Take customer details using a form
  • Take payment details
  • Create an end of order invoice
  • Send emails to both the customer and merchant
  • Plus hundreds of other merchant related facilities such as reports.

VP-CART allows you to link directly to its facilities with the option of linking back to your hand-made pages. Here are some examples:

  • Link from VP-CART back to your pages
  • Automatic link back to your images
  • Automatic link back to your pages
  • Automatic page generation via HTML templates
  • Merge any table with any template
  • Service Payments
  • Use your editor to modify VP-CART HTML templates
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