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Gift Certificates

The Gift Certificates add-on allows customers to buy and redeem gift certificates on your site.

A gift certificate is paid for like any other product in your shop. The person receiving the gift certificate can then use it to purchase any item in your shop. The certificate essentially acts as a discount up to the value remaining on the certificate.

Can a customer use only a portion of the gift certificate?

Yes, the portion used is deducted from the remaining amount. A customer can then use the remaining amount for purchase at another time.

What happens if the gift certificate exceeds the purchase?

VP-CART will bypass the normal payment processing and mark that payment was made by a specific gift certificate.

What happens if the gift certificate is less than the amount ordered?

The customer will be required to pay the difference between the amount purchased and the value of the gift certificate.

How do I know who used a gift certificate?

VP-CART records payment with a gift certificate in the orders table. It also puts trace information on the gifts table. You can see how many times a gift certificate was used, which orders they were used for and how much in each order.

Gift Certificates are part of the VP-CART Option Package.

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