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VPCART supports numerous ways to give customers discounts:

  • Customer-based pricing
  • Customer pricing by product lookup
  • Quantity based pricing
  • Overall discount for a customer
  • Discount Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Sales Groups (groups of products) that can be a group for quantity discounts
  • Loyalty Points system

Customer-Based Pricing

This form of discount allows you to specify different types of customers such as a wholesale, retail, reseller, or whatever you choose. Each can see a different price for the same product.

Customer-Based Pricing by Lookup

This allows you to specify specific products or categories of products that are discounted for specific customers.

Customer overall discount

For customer based discounts, if you specify a percent in the customer record and the customer logs in, the discount is automatically supplied to all purchases and appears as a separate line item.

Quantity Based Pricing

You specify a set of ranges for a specific product or a category of products. VP-CART will automatically alter the product prices based on the rules in the table. Products can be grouped so that purchasing a number from the group can achieve the limit where the discount applies.

Discount coupons

Offer a way to give a customer a fixed amount or a percent discount on an order, specific products or a range of products or categories. Coupons can be limited by count (e.g. for the first 100 customers), by date or by both.

Gift Certificates

Normally purchased by one customer for another customer. Gift certificates can be used over and over until the amount is used up.

Click here for more information on gift certificates.

Points Loyalty System

VPCART Rewards allows the merchant to offer a loyalty system. The customer accumulates points by buying goods at your store. At some point, the customer can redeem all or some of their points.

Click here for more information on the loyalty system.

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