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Can I securely deliver my digital products with VPCART?

You certainly can!

VPCART supports four methods of delivering your products digitally. Digital delivery allows your customers to immediately receive the product upon completion of purchase.

  • Auto attachments
  • Auto Generation of download links
  • Generation of Secure download links
  • PIN Numbers

VPCART allows you to specify the types of payments that are authorized to use the above facilities. This prevents hackers from entering bogus payments. The merchant can decide which payment methods are secure enough to allow auto-delivery.

Attachments, download links, and non-digital products can be intermixed in the same order

Auto Attachments

At the end of an order, VPCART can attach the product to the customer confirmation e-mail. By specifying the location of the file on a product by product basis multiple deliveries can be made for an order.

Auto Download Links

At the end of an order, VPCART can display the hyperlinks to the products. These hyperlinks allow the customer to immediately download their purchase. 

Secure Download Links

This facility requires the VP-CART Option Package

They improve digital delivery by adding these extra facilities:

  • The customer never sees the real location of the file (product) and therefore cannot bookmark them
  • Customer may, within the limits that you have set, login and download the product again
  • Limits can be set on the number of times a product can be downloaded or a date after which no downloads are possible.
  • Limits can be altered using browser-based administration
  • Logging of downloads 

Anti Hacker Checking

To prevent hackers from obtaining digital goods VPCART has instituted some security checks.  This includes:

  • Payment type checking
  • Stopping any digital delivery at all

If you accept multiple payment types, you can configure which payment types you trust. For example, if you are using an electronic payment gateway that you trust, you can set VP-CART up to only allow digital delivery when paid through that particular gateway.

If a hacker is using a stolen credit card which a gateway may approve, you can totally block all digital delivery temporarily. Then use our anti-hacker blocker to stop the hacker from buying on your site at all.

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