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VPCart Global Payments Gateway Important update For Strong Customer Authentication

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Recently Global Payments (previously RealEx) has sent important announcement via email to merchants about the need to include some additional fields that need to be sent in the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) POST, which will ensure you're compliant with the regulation for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This new change will support the 3DS v2 protocol by introducing options that will make it easy for you to comply with the SCA requirement.

They've set a deadline of May 2019 for all merchants to make the HPP changes.
Failure to make the changes may affect your ability to process successful transactions. 

To fulfill their requirement, we recently have updated our v8 and v9 Global Payments gateway module with the required parameters.

If you use v8 Global Payments gateway, you can download the latest module at :

If you use v9 beta with Global Payments gateway, you can download the latest module at :

For Business Ready Plan customers that are using this gateway, please submit a helpdesk ticket and our support team will help you check and update the gateway files for you using latest files.

However, if you are using v7 and below versions of VPCart, below could be the alternatives :

Option 1 :
Upgrade your older version to our latest VPCart.
To upgrade, simply go to :

And then install the upgrade into your older version site.
Once your site is using latest version, you can download the latest Global Payments gateway as mentioned above.

Option 2 :
If you do not wish to upgrade to latest version for certain reasons, we can quote for you to downgrade our latest Global Payments gateway to be compatible with your v7 or lower version.
If you are interested for a quote, simply submit a helpdesk ticket to us at :

Thank you.



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