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VP-CART and PCI Compatible Gateway Download

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VPCART is now PCI Compliant for extra security

Download a PCI Compatible Gateway for VP-CART

Before downloading and installing a gateway please be sure that you have:

Decided on a Hosted Gateway or an Integrated Gateway
Visited the website of the gateway provider for more information
Confirmed that this gateway is compatible with your merchant facility

Gateway Download

  • Up to 3 gateways are provided free per license
  • A valid order number and associated e-mail address is required
  • See the individual gateway install instructions in the zip file provided
  • With each license we provide 12 months access to our range of free add-ons and gateways
  • If your chosen gateway is listed on VP-CART 8.00 gateway page but is not listed on VP-CART 9.00 gateway page, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk and our support team will review what is invovled in upgrading the gateway file for you.

Select your country and your version from the list below:

Please enter your Order Number and the email address you received from VP-CART to access the VP-CART gateways.

NOTE: PCI Status indicated above is based upon the information provided to us at the time of publication. Please check with the gateway provider to confirm PCI Status and that your country is supported.

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