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Posted - February 27 2006 :  13:33:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a client that takes pictures at different events and then puts them on to t-shirts, mugs and similar items. Does the VPASP 6.0 software (or one of the other companies that do add-ons) have the capablities or features to have an image gallery where you can quickly post a bunch of pictures up on a static page. Uploading a picture at a time through the normal content pages would take too long. Please let me know.



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Posted - February 28 2006 :  06:55:09  Show Profile  Visit support's Homepage  Reply with Quote
You could create a csv file of all of the image names and then import the csv into the database using the data import tool.

You couild then just upload via ftp the photos to your server. This could be the quickest way to achieve what you need.

Simon Barnaby may have a tool that could sreamline this though.

Thank you

VP-ASP Support
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Posted - July 17 2006 :  06:18:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I run an online stock image library and have found that this method is by far the quickest I've come across. It takes a bit of fiddling and stuff with bulk update feature (nothing major, just making sure your delimiters are correct) Once my CSV file is correctly formatted i can upload thousands of images at once. (of course the hard work is in creating the CSV file of those images!)
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Posted - September 07 2011 :  05:30:41  Show Profile  Visit sevo's Homepage  Reply with Quote
sorry to bump such an old thread,

but is there a how-to to achieve this?
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Posted - September 08 2011 :  08:22:44  Show Profile  Visit devshb's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I think I'd want to use a file-naming convention for the images, and then have dynamic logic try to find matching images on the server and displaying the relevant ones that it finds.

That way you wouldn't need to have any data/csv files for the images, you'd just name the image files in a relevant way and upload them via ftp and let the asp code do the work dynamically. (but that's only really possible if you don't need to have image-specific labels on the individual gallery images)

We do something similar to that with byz075 (image-zoomer/multiple-images) but that's specifically for products. It uses a naming convention, so you just stamp the "first large/zoomable image url" onto the product, and the system automatically tries to find (and then displays) all the other ones with the same "base" name (and the corresponding thumbnails) when the customer's browsing.

Quite often we simply re-use/copy/tweak relevant functions from our byz075 module (ie to do loops which check if image files exist for a given naming convention and then returns the retrieved-list of images for display).

Unless it's specifically for products where you want to use the same kind of output as the byz075 module uses, then it's almost always a custom-built solution because everyone wants different types of image formatting for how the thumbnails/large-images display etc, but I think the general approach would definitely be not to store the image urls in data anywhere, you just name them appropriately and get the asp scripts to find/display them automatically.

for example, say you want multiple galleries (eg a "t-shirts" gallery, and a "shoes" gallery), and you wanted each of those galleries to have lots of images in them and you also wanted to list your galleries on a parent page too (with thumbnails for each gallery)....

you'd only need to setup something like a simple array or reference table (ie to hold the title/text and a "base name" to use for the files, and maybe a static url value too, for each gallery)

eg you might have 2 records/arrays like:
"T-Shirts", "tshirts","/tshirts-gallery.asp"
"Shoes", "shoes","/shoes-gallery.asp"

where the first value is the title/text for the gallery, the second value is the base-name for the images, and the 3rd value is a static url to show the gallery (you could obviously also add other stuff like meta-keywords etc)

then, everything else is done simply by naming relevant files without having to hold the data for each individual file.

tshirts-gallery-jpg (for the thumbnail of the overall gallery)
shoes-gallery-jpg (for the thumbnail of the overall gallery)
tshirts-gallery-001.jpg (for the first large image in the tshirts gallery)
tshirts-gallery-002.jpg (for the second large image in the tshirts gallery)
tshirts-gallery-001_tn.jpg (for the first thumbnail image in the tshirts gallery)
tshirts-gallery-002_tn.jpg (for the second thumbnail image in the tshirts gallery)
etc etc

The only reason you'd need to hold the images as data would be if you wanted to have labels/text for each image specified; if that's the case then, yes, you'd need to hold the image info as data somewhere and drive from that rather than just using a naming convention.

Simon Barnaby
[email protected]
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/bigyellowzone
Web Design, Online Marketing and VPASP addons
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