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Posted - April 27 2011 :  20:39:52  Show Profile  Visit DrApple's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I'm trying to update categories via bulk update.

I have tried this: http://www.vpasp.com/virtprog/vpaspforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14437

My issue is I have to manually check the category number on each product as it's not showing on the bulk update list.

When in products view, I can see the ccategory number no problem.

I want to add my products to the top level category as well as the lower level category.


Category 1 is CARS

Category 5 is RED CARS
Category 6 is BLUE CARS

I want product 1 to show in Category 1 AND 5

But the only way I can see to do this is via the bulk update of categories. Is this correct??

Also why are some of my products NOT showing their current category number when viewing in Bulk Update view??

I have all of my products in the lower category, and just need to add the root category 1.

But I obviously need to add 1,X to the level3 field. But I cannot see the current X category to add. This is a problem as I have many products to edit.

Any help is appreciated thanks.


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Posted - April 27 2011 :  20:43:00  Show Profile  Visit DrApple's Homepage  Reply with Quote

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Posted - April 27 2011 :  22:17:00  Show Profile  Visit support's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi David,

The join between products and categories is actually done in the PRODCATEGORIES table.

One way of dealing with is to add your category id's to the level5 field in the product record. If you have multiple categories you wantt he product to display in you can add these by separating them with a comma.

Then run convertproducts.asp file which can be found in the admin folder.

What this file will do is to run through your product records and create a record in the PRODCATEGORIES table for each ID in the LEVEL5 field.

BYZ also have a category tool which is more advanced than the built in tool. If you have a look at their site you will be able to locate this.

Thank you.

Cam Flanigan
VP-ASP Cart Support

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Posted - April 27 2011 :  23:37:56  Show Profile  Visit DrApple's Homepage  Reply with Quote

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Posted - April 28 2011 :  00:17:34  Show Profile  Visit DrApple's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Now I have managed to do this, when I add a new product, I also want it to go into both the top level category, and the low level category.

How can this be done?

I want my BLUE CAR to go into BLUE CARS & CARS..

Im not given the option to add the CARS category when adding the new product.

Thanks again.

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Posted - April 28 2011 :  00:36:18  Show Profile  Visit devshb's Homepage  Reply with Quote

yep; our tool will help you do this:

Bulk Product Updater for VPASP - BYZ089:

You'd install that, then in the byz089 admin screen you'd just select category 1 in the "search" block, then choose "add to category" as the update-type and then choose category 5 in the "add-to-which-category" poplist, then press the test-run button to double-check what's effected. You can refine your search/set criteria while using the test run to try different kinds of searches etc without updating the data. When you're happy with it, you'd press the live execute-update button to actually make the changes; it'll do the whole thing in one shot.

For example, say you want to add all products with names with "red" in them which are also in the "cars" category, into the "red cars" category, then you'd set the where clause to be:
cname like '%red%'
and choose the category "cars" in the search block, and then choose "add to category" in the update block and choose the "red cars" category.

It'll let you add or remove products to/from a given category in literally just 3 or 4 clicks of a mouse.

It's handy when you have "doubled-up" categories too, eg say you've got a category of "mfg>sony>tvs" and you also have a category of "tvs>sony", then you could use byz089 to say "add all the products that are in mfg>sony>tvs to tvs>sony".

BYZ089 will also let you add to non-bottom-level categories (which standard vpasp won't let you do in edit-products).

If you used BYZ089 to "add category" then it'll automatically avoid creating duplicate prodcategories records, eg if you "add products to category x" and you have 10 searched-for products that are already in category x and 15 that aren't, then it'll only add new prodcategories records for those 15 that aren't already in category x. (ie you don't need to specify a "where not exists" clause in the search block because that logic is applied automatically when you add-category)

It doesn't have to just be category related searches/updates either; you can use byz089 to update any product column too.

Related to this kind of stuff is also this:
Product/Category Fixing/Reporting Utils for VP-ASP - BYZ055:

BYZ055 (amongst other things) will let you fill in the missing gaps going up the category branches. eg if you've got products in "sony>tv's" then you can press the "fix" button on one of the byz055 stages to automatically add those products to the "sony" category too. That particular "fix" is "Stage 9 SubCategories but no Categories on Matrix" in the byz055 screen, but you'd need to do the checks/fixes in the right order, ie your category tree needs to be proved correct first on stages 1 to 5 before you do stage 9. On stage 9, you don't have to enter/choose the from/to categories manually to fill in the gaps; it works it all out automatically and adds all the missing ones by just pressing the "fix" button without you having to choose any categories. (actually it does one level at a time, so if you've got categories at 4 levels then you might need to press the "fix" button/process up to 3 times).

Using combinations of BYZ089 and BYZ055 makes life a whole lot easier, and keeps your data nice and stable/solid too.

So I'd use BYZ089 to get them into the bottom-level categories that you want, and then use BYZ055 to add the missing parent categories to the prodcategories table.

Simon Barnaby
[email protected]
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/bigyellowzone
Web Design, Online Marketing and VPASP addons

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