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Developer Solutions

  • Open Source
    VP-ASP is open ASP source. No hidden files or DLLs. Run on almost any Windows web host that support ASP. VPASP requires a Windows web server environment to run.
  • Unmatched in shopping cart features and facilities
    1,000s of powerful ecommerce tools.
  • Price
    Competitive one off fee for the VP-ASP shopping cart. Extensive discounting for additional licenses.
  • Databases
    VP-ASP has support for Access, SQL Server and MYSQL.
  • Customization
    Almost unlimited capability to change the look and feel of the cart.
  • Integration
    VP-ASP can integrate into existing sites or can become the total site.
  • Improvement and fixes
    VP-ASP is constantly being enhanced with new upgrades and free-add-ons. 
  • Free add-ons
    Extensive array of free add-ons for gateways, languages and real-time shipping.
  • Support
    Extensive support system through help documents, customer forum and online helpdesk. 
  • Developer and reseller discounts
    Discounts of up to 60% for multiple license purchases.
  • Documentation
    Extensive developer documents covering every feature of VP-ASP.
  • Active Customer forum
    A lively customer forum where you can gain and contribute.
  • Current VP-ASP websites
    Browse thousands of online shops created using VP-ASP.
  • Third party resources
    Numerous skins and templates available from third parties
  • Try before you buy
    Download our free version.

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