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  • Powerful new features
  • Brand new MOBILE friendly design
  • Compatible with all major payment solutions
  • Revamped admin area
  • Now over 90,000 installations world wide
  • Even easier to use

What's New in VPCart 8.1?

VPCart 8.1 is gearing up to be a very special release, through a combination of listening to suggestions from you the customers and spending countless hours researching competitors offerings, we are creating a shopping cart with a feature set which exceeds any other shopping cart on the market whilst still representing excellent value for money.

Here are just some of the great new features included in VPCart 8.1...

  • New Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Mobile-ready and Google compliant
  • One Page Checkout
  • Facebook Login
  • Order by Phone
  • Persistent Products in Cart
  • Grid View Product Display
  • Quick View for Products
  • Side Menu Filters
  • Plus much much more...

We are now RESPONSIVE using Bootstrap, CSS 3.0 and HTML 5.0!

That's right. We are mobile ready! VPCart can now be used on any device from your desktop to your tablet to your mobile phone.

Our front end code is now almost completely HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 running off the Bootstrap framework.

High on a lot of customers wish lists has for a long time been to have VPCart go boldly down the CSS path for greater accessibility and design flexibility. We listened and have produced what we are confident is an easy to use and highly flexible design platform for both web designers and business people.

With VPCart now being almost completely CSS formatted you can easily develop stunning looking sites that are mobile ready and also comply to W3C standards.

Version 8.00 introduces a brand new shop front interface, with an extrememly professional and clean look and feel so straight out of the box you can have a fantastic looking site to represent your business online.

VPCart Makes PCI Compliance a breeze!

With the increased security requirements for trading online we have rebuilt the way our check out system and administration console works.

This means that gaining PCI Certification will be that much simpler as we have ticked most of the boxes for you already.

You will be able to run your PCI scans against our default software and pass any tests for the cart component.

For more information on this please see our PCI security page at:

VPCart and PCI Compliance

Powerful Sales System - FaceBook Login, Guest Checkout plus more!

VPCart 800 now has a powerful new set of features to help drive sales upwards.

Customers are looking for ever quicker ways to check out and VPCart 8.00 helps acheive this through some fantastic new modules.

Homepage manager

Guest Checkout:

In todays online world security rules everything. Customers often do not want to have their details recorded so are more and more demanding the option of allowing them to check out without creating an account. Our new Guest Checkout feature provides that flexibility.

Homepage manager

One Page Checkout

Combined with the desire to protect personal details is the demand to be able to view a product and checkout without delay.

Our new One Page Checkout system allows customers to do just that.

Homepage manager

Facebook Login for Customers

Simplify user registration and login through Facebook. This means less registration hassles and a one login convenience across all devices and platforms using the customer's Facebook account.

You will also have the chance to get to know and connect with your customers socially. The more information your customers share with you means more marketing avenues for you to interact and engage. Facebook reports that the use of Facebook login results to a higher engagement rate of 27%. Now, that's definitely a no-brainer advantage!

Homepage manager

Order By Phone

Easily place orders on behalf of customers with the new Order by Phone feature. Your call center operators may use this to take orders over the phone and even process orders through mail or fax.

Check out other cool amenities using this feature:

  • Faster & easier order process - search for customers from your database and add them to the order without having to re-enter their details
  • Easily add a new customer record – register new customers who have not previously ordered/registered from your store
  • Product search function – after selecting a customer, you can easily navigate your way through your product catalogue by inputting keyword/product code and add products to the cart
  • Enter coupon codes/gift certificates on behalf of customers – once an order is finalized, you can easily go through the checkout process and enter coupon codes/gift certificates that will surely make your customers happy
Homepage manager

Persistent Products in Cart

Ever had a customer complain they lost all of the contents of their cart when trying to order?

This new module allows your store to save shopping cart items into the database so even if the customer closes the browser and comes back a few days later the products they have their heart set on will still be there!.

Future updates will also allow the merchant to send reminders if an exiting customer has not completed their checkout to help boost sales.

Side Bar Search Filter

Side Bar Search Filter

Side Bar Search Filter is a simple search and filtering function for VPCart - it is an advancement of the current search functionalities.

  • Faster & easier search as well as product filtering processes. Now, with the Side Bar Search Filter, customers will be able to search for a product, features, price ranges, et cetera from your database and all in one single place without leaving the page
  • Customers can also easily add the products to cart or view the products – customers can do multiple types of searches i.e., features and price range all in one place without leaving the page.
  • Create as many fields and different filtering options from the admin panel.
  • Customers will now be able to shop according to their budget and preference.
  • Manage the side bar search filter with simple configurations from the admin panel.
  • Provide your customers another easy way to search for products.

New features & improvements

Listed below is a summary of some of the changes we are introducing with VPCart 8.1 on top of the hundreds of already existing powerful e-commerce features:

  • Content Management
    • Even more control over the look and feel of your home page elements
    • Blog Manager – easily post and track your blogs
    • News Manager - post news articles on your site
    • Restrict content pages to specific users or user groups for intranet/extranet or re-sellers and wholesalers
    • Powerful image asset manager to allow managing of images on server for use throughout your site. Either upload a new image or select an image already on the server for use in products, categories or content pages.
    • List articles by category
    • Site wide search tool
    • YouTube movie display - explode sales by using YouTube's movie display to reach straight to your customers!
  • Design Enhancements
    • Using CSS 3.0
    • HTML 5.0
    • W3C compliant
    • Multiple image display available by default on product extended description pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools
    • Google Site Map Generator
    • Ability to set meta tag descriptions for products, categories and content
    • Ability to spider multiple product page listings instead of only first page
    • Integration with ISAPI Rewrite for control over page names
    • Enhanced SEO Static Page Generator system
    • Google Base Feed Generator built in
    • Search Engine Friendly folder and file names - NEW
  • Extra Security for PCI Compliance
    • Admin Login Encrypted to add extra secure protection for admin users
    • Customer data entry pages SSL protected by default if site using SSL
    • Admin audit trail
  • Marketing Improvements
    • Predictive searching. Have a list of items appear on the page for the customer to select from as they enter their search terms
    • Cross Selling by categories - add an entire category for cross product marketing. Create a category for specials and easily have this show on some or all product pages to highlight special items.
    • Easy Shopping - Able to order cross selling items with main product with a single click
    • Latest Products - Display newly added items on home page by date
    • Improved wishlist functionality
    • Ability to create Product Bundles for gift hampers, special offers etc
  • Customer Experience Improvements
    • Web 2.0 Image display features
    • Tabbed display for full description breakdown
    • Meet local tax requirement laws - Ability to display price with and without Tax/GST/VAT
    • Quick Search using AJAX to allow for instant result display
    • Ability to store shopping cart items between visits saving your customers from having to re-add items again
  • Functionality Improvements
    • Optimised handling of large databases in administration
    • Improved display for large data sets to easily distinguish between records
  • Stock Control
    • Auto notify via email when stock becomes available
  • Multi Language Enhancements
    • Translatable meta tags for improved multi language SEO performance
  • Administration task improvements
    • Import Manager - easily import data from any data source and convert it on the fly into VPCart compatible format. - coming soon as a module!!
    • Admin data search improved
    • Ability to add surcharge to orders depending on credit card used to meet payment changes for Australian merchants
    • Online template editor - update the look of any template now through the admin instantly
  • Use VPCart as a cash register in-store or for telephone orders.
    • Phone Order Entry page for admin users. Take orders by phone or in a shop quickly and easily with a one page checkout process. - coming soon as a module!!
  • Improved Shipping
    • Ability to create advanced shipping configuration settings including shipping by state
    • Downloadable products excluded from shipping
    • Display your shipping options using AJAX for quicker checkout
    Improved Administration Reporting
    • Enhanced reporting experience through the use of Flash so you can easily see your results in an dynamic and attractive format
    Powerful Install Wizard
    • The VPCart 8.1 Installer Wizard makes getting 8.1 set up a very simple and straight forward process. The Wizard will walk you through exactly what is needed to install VPCart 8.1 and makes it simple enough even for complete novices to get started in no time!

* NOTE: Some of the new features above are only available in the Plus and Deluxe Pacs or as a separate module. Once VPCart 8.1 goes live to see a breakdown of what package has what feature please see our comparison page

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