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VP-CART Plus to Deluxe Expansion Pac - v.9.0.


The VP-CART Plus to Deluxe Expansion Pac - v.9.0 is a set of advanced facilities that can be added to the base VP-CART Shopping Cart. It can be purchased together with the VP-CART Shopping or can be added later if you decide you need these features.

These features could save days or weeks of development under some circumstances or provide a level of sophistication beyond the great range of features already in VP-CART. You get all this when you buy it together with the VP-CART Shopping Cart. (Save $US50)

Features of the option package are:

  • SEO Manager
  • Gift Registry
  • Side Menu Filters
  • Onepage Checkout
  • Pin Numbers
  • Recurring Billing
  • Points Reward
  • Phone Order

SEO Manager
Rank Higher, stand out from the competition, equip yourself with an extremely powerful tool to assist you in marketing your site online. Take control of how Search Engines sees your store and get real-time feedbacksThe SEO Manager includes Google Site Map Generator, Google Base Feed and a dynamic URL Rewriter for friendly URLs.

Gift Registry
Gift Registry is ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas wish lists and general events. Your customers can select items from your online store for family and friends to check out and purchase pre-selected items.

Side Menu Filters
Side Menu Filters allows your customers to filter or narrow the list of products at product listing page, by price range (just switch the price scroll bar), or enter the wanted keyword and also to narrow them by product features e.g. colors.

One Page Checkout
Reduce the number of abandoned carts by offering your customers a streamlined approach to the checkout page.

PIN Number
The PIN number enhancement sends information to customers, such as PIN numbers or other information. It is used primarily to sell phone cards on the Internet but can be used to send other unique product details.

Recurring Billing
The recurring billing facility adds the option to sell products, such as subscriptions, which require that you bill the customer on a periodic basis, such as weekly, monthly or yearly. Billings can be set up automatically when a customer purchases a product from the shop, or it can be manually created.

Points Rewards
VPCart Rewards allow the merchant to offer a loyalty system. The customer accumulates points by buying goods at your store. At some point, the customer can redeem some or all of their points through the self-service customer admin system.

Phone Order
Use your VP-CART store to take orders over the phone on behalf of your customers.

Special Offer
If within 30 days of purchasing the Plus Pac you decide that you need more features, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Pac with the Plus to Deluxe Expansion Pac for only US$350. This represents the difference between the cost of the Plus and Deluxe Pacs and a saving of US$50.

Click here to contact our sales team for information on how to take advantage of this discount.

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