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A common question we get is:

My developer set up VP-CART and I no longer use him/her - please answer my support questions and/or give me a copy of the software.


I purchased through a reseller, please send me the free add-ons.

Our Answer:

A new VP-CART license previously included 12 months free support during which the purchaser can post support tickets as well as download the latest (and older) versions of the software. We now provide 12 months access to downloads and a set number of Support Points per license. Please see Points Explained for more information on how points work.

From time to time, we are contacted by people who bought VP-CART via a web developer or other third party who they can no longer contact or no longer wish to use for whatever reason. Sometimes we will be asked to provide support coverage, other times we will be asked to supply the latest copy of the software, or the latest version that they would have been entitled to download at the point the free support on their license expired.

In most cases, the 12 months' support period has long expired. In such cases, we cannot provide either the software or support even if the person contacting us was the original purchaser.

The next issue is one of account ownership. When someone purchases VP-CART for the first time, an account is created on our system (for accessing the user area). If the purchaser wishes to buy further services, they can do so at discounted rates by first logging into our site before purchasing. New licenses and support points coverage they buy are all added to this same purchaser account. If the purchaser is setting up stores for their customers, then they will be responsible for first line support of those customers since there is only one user account (and hence one username/password) for access to our support area.

We can only provide direct assistance in terms of support and upgrades to those that we have a direct relationship with - those who purchased directly from us. Customers who purchased their license via a third party such as another developer must appreciate that the license was bought from us at a discount because it does not include end-user support. Essentially, we have only sold the license and NOT end user support for it.

If an end user whose store is running a license bought from a third party, wishes to deal with us directly for support or obtain a copy of the software, this can't be done on the existing account that the license is attached to. That account belongs to the purchaser (our customer). We can't simply re-assign that account to an end user and hence deny the purchaser (our customer) the right to buy discounted licenses in the future, or to extend support coverage.

Even if the purchaser is no longer in existence, re-assigning the account to the end user is generally not possible because it may have more than one license attached to it that is in use by another end user. If we re-assigned the account to one end user, they would then become responsible for support to the other end users with licenses bought on that account.

In such cases, the only realistic alternative is for an end user that wishes to deal with us directly to purchase a software license directly from us, which will result in the customer having their own account and the rights that go with it. Support Points can also be purchased for a specific problem as a price effective alternative which will create a new user account in our system. Purchase Points

While some end users may complain that they have purchased already, please understand that what was actually purchased was a license without VP-CART support. There is no obligation to renew support or upgrade coverage. The original license itself can continue to be used indefinitely with no further payment. The extra costs are only incurred if the customer now wishes to have direct support from VP-CART.

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