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VP-CART comes with numerous facilities designed to give your customers a seamless shopping experience, These facilities allow your customers to easily locate any products of their choice and checkout without any complications. With facilities like:

  • Auto-login by cookies
  • Manual login
  • Restore previous orders
  • Saved Carts
  • Wish Lists (version 5.0 and later)

Auto-Login by Cookies

VP-CART remembers the basic customer details and restores them automatically. This information is stored as a cookie on the customer's computer.

Manual Login

Repeat customers can log in and immediately restore their details without retyping their details again. The information is stored in the database on your server.

Restore Previous Orders

Existing customers can view their previous orders with the option of restoring any of them while they continue shopping by adding and removing products to the order.

Saved Carts

This facility allows customers to save their shopping cart without purchasing anything. Your customers can review the carts they have saved, restore one or more and then complete the shopping experience. The saved cart information is saved as a cookie and is not transferred when using another computer.

Wish Lists

This facility is very similar to saved carts except the wish list is saved in the database and not as a cookie. This allows it to be used from any computer at a future date.

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