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Product displays are very important parts of your shop. VPCART has the following methods of displaying products:

  1. VPCART has a default method of displaying products, one product per row
  2. No HTML knowledge is necessary and you can control which fields are displayed, the sort order, the number of products per page and fonts, colors, images etc.
  3. HTML template formatting- this gives you full control over how the products get displayed.
  4. Extended Description Generation- VPCART can generate extended product description pages automatically
  5. Thumbnails linking to extended description pages

Product Displays Changes

You can alter the following to suit your requirements:

  • Fields to display
  • Field captions
  • Table definitions
  • Colors, fonts, table definitions
  • Sort Order
  • Images
  • Dual Pricing
  • Decimal points
  • Currency displays or no pricing
  • Hyperlinks to extended description pages
  • Product features

Product Images

VPCART can automatically display product images, generate hyperlinks to larger images or other product pages.

Product Advanced features

VPCART can also:

  • Display associated products (cross-selling)
  • Tell a friend hyperlinks
  • Product Reviews
  • Number of products reviews and their averages
  • Number of points associated with the product

Product Pricing

Pricing can dynamically change depending on your shop setup:

  • Different prices for different types of customers, for example, resellers may see different prices from the general public
  • Quantity based prices
  • Retail vs your prices
  • Dual Prices - your default currency and another side by side
  • Currency symbol can be anything

Product Features

Features form a big part of many product lines.

Features can be colors, sizes, hotel upgrades. VPCART does not limit the type of feature and can be called anything with any values.


VPCART allows you to assign any number of features to products and can be displayed in a number of ways:

  • Drop down lists
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • User supplied Text

Prices can be associated with features. So if the color "blue" incurs extra cost, for example, an additional amount can be automatically added to the base price of the product.

Automatic Extended Descriptions

The VPCART Option Package provides a great productivity tool.

VPCART will be able to generate extended descriptions for any or all products using a template(s). A template is an HTML file you create with your favorite editor such as FrontPage. VPCART will then merge database fields with your template to create an extended description page. In addition, it can also add an order button to the page so the customer can order directly from this page.

This feature replaces the need to create individual HTML pages for each of your products. There can be one default template or individual products can share templates. Additional fields have been added to the database to all you to use a large image and detailed descriptions of the product. A default template is supplied with VPCART.

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