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Customers in your shop can:

  1. Review and search for previous orders
  2. Restore Orders
  3. Send Tracking Messages
  4. Receive Tracking Messages
  5. Checkpoints accumulated

Review Orders

Customers can select individual orders and have the complete invoice redisplayed. If you do not wish to have customers see previous orders, this feature can be turned off. Merchants can add comments to the order details which are displayed to the customer.

Restore Orders

For repeat orders, the customers can restore an order made previously; then modify it, add additional items, delete items to create a new order.

Order Tracking

Order tracking allows merchants to:

  1. Notify customers about the status of their order
  2. Customers to request changes or information about their order

Order tracking messages are sent via e-mail and also logged with the order so that they can be reviewed by the merchant and customer.

This facility can be configured in many ways:

  1. Allow customer to read tracking messages but not create them
  2. Allow customers to write tracking messages
  3. Hide individual merchant only messages
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