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License keys are required only for our Bulk License Resellers. If you are a normal customer or reseller, you do not need to insert a license as the software will be verified by the order id entered into the shop$config.asp file.

Bulk resellers can obtain their license key using a self service facility at www.vpasp.com/sales/licensebulk.asp

Why do I need to generate a License key?

Bulk Resellers need to generate a license key for their customers so the customer can access both our support team and also our Download Center.

When the customers' details are added, a new record is created for the customer to provide access to our support team for any issues they may have as well as registering the software in our system to enable upgrades to later releases.

License Key does not work

The license key is dependent on the domain that you are running. It can be a real domain name like abc.com or an IP address like 11.222.333.444

If you are receiving a message such as:

This software is not properly registered

Then please check the following.

  • Have you actually pasted the license value into the Shop Configuration xlicensekey.
    1. Log into Administrative system
    2. Go to Shop Configuration
    3. Search for xlicensekey
    4. Paste value into the field
    5. Click reload shop configuration
  • Have you clicked "Reload Shop Configuration?
  • Have you updated the value of xordernumber in file shop$config.asp to match The real VP-CART order number?

Const xordernumber="1111"
where 1111 is your VP-CART order number

  • Are you actually running in the same URL as you entered when you obtained the license key?

Still have problems?

If you still have problems please e-mail [email protected] with your order number, e-mail address, the web site where VP-CART is running and the license key you have.

Test domain license key

License key facility has support for both a test domain and a production domain. Simply get a second key.

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