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Most English words required for VPCART have been placed in two files. By translating these files, you should be able to run your shop in many other languages. This is useful for both English and non-English shopping.

The language facility changes the captions used in the shopping cart but does not dynamically translate the information stored in the database. A customer of your shop can switch language captions automatically.

The language files are available in a number of major languages.

Click here to see which language files you can download. These include German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Finnish, Danish, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and more.

VPCART Currency handling

Different countries use different currencies, and VPCART has all you need to get your shop selling products in whatever currency you like:

  • Specify your own currency symbol- any characters can be used
  • Can use the built-in Microsoft Local systems identifiers
  • Can display dual currency
  • Automatically hyperlink to a public currency exchange to display different exchange rates
  • Support European numbers (comma as decimal point)
  • Specify the number of decimal places to be used


Other Languages

Translation of our two language files shop$language_english and shop$language2_english takes about an hour.

Please send us your Language Files

We welcome contributions from VPCART customers. Please send us your translations.

Language Files and English

Since all the words are in one file, you can easily change headings and product descriptions. For example, if you are selling books, the product description could be the author and edition by simply changing the language file.

Product Language Options with VPCART

VPCART has additional language switch facilities including the ability to:

  • Display categories by language
  • Display products by language
  • Template handling by language

This allows you to put in your categories in different languages. When a customer switches languages the categories associated with that language will display. A similar function is available for products.

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