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VP-CART Licensing

A VP-CART license is required for each shop you build with some exceptions for small merchants or if you are using the FREE VP-CART Demo. The FREE VP-CART Demo can be used in as many shops as you like without restriction. Please however that the free version is very limited in functionality as compared to the full packages and is not meant for use in a live production site by default

If you are a web developer, you need to obtain a license for each of your clients for all of the VP-CART Value, VP-CART Plus, and the VP-CART Deluxe packages.

If you are a distributor or developer you must purchase a license for your customers.

Some common questions

  1. I have multiple domains pointing to the same shop.
    There is no problem. VP-CART fully supports this. Only one copy of VP-CART is required.
  2. I am a small merchant and have a couple of shops, running in different domains.
    Do I need to purchase multiple copies of VP-CART software?

    No, as long as you are the sole owner of all the shops and these are personally owned by you can build up to 5 sites using the one license.
  3. I am a web developer and host all the shops on my own server. Do I have to buy a copy of VP-CART for each of my client shops?

Discounts for Repeat purchases

We have some fantastic reseller plans in place to assist in increasing your margins when providing our shopping cart to your clients.

You can sign up as a reseller and make great savings on future purchases. The way that it works is the more you buy, the more you save!

For example, if you buy a second copy of VP-CART 9.0, you will receive a 20% discount. This discount continues to increase by 5% for every subsequent purchase of up to 50%. If you buy up to 7 copies of VP-CART, you will be entitled to a 50% discount on future purchases.

For more details on our reseller program, please click here

ISP and Web Hosting Restrictions

ISPs or other web hosting companies cannot offer a re-badged version of VP-CART without the express written consent of Rocksalt International.

ISPs and other web hosting companies cannot offer hosting only versions of VP-CART without a written agreement with Rocksalt International. The license for VP-CART is for one merchant. Each merchant needs their own license unless the ISP has an unlimited license from Rocksalt International.

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