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VP-CART has an extremely flexible approach to formatting products.

See also Graphics and VP-CART

There is no limit to the way products are displayed. The default format is a table-based method where you can add/delete any column, change the sort, add/remove prices. All this is done through a simple configuration file and no HTML coding required.

  • Table based with full control of columns display - no HTML required
  • Side by side display where you control format with HTML formatting (sample provided)
  • Individual product formatting with your own HTML formatting (sample provided)
  • Auto generating of an individual product by merging a template with fields in the database (requires the VP-CART Option Package).

VP-CART also has a very flexible cart formatting. You can add additional fields to the cart; any field in the products table. These will show up on confirmation e-mails and an invoice at the end of the order.

Customer Form

Much of the customer form can also be controlled through the configuration file. You can even add your own non-VPCART fields to the database and VP-CART will display and validate them. For the US, US states can be generated as a drop-down list. For European countries, the state display can be eliminated. That is just one example of VP-CART flexibility.

Additional non VPCART fields in Order

Non VPCART fields can be added to both the customer form and automatically added to the confirmation form, added to the order, and displayed both in the order receipt and e-mail confirmation

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