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FedEx Real Time - $40

URGENT UPDATE OCTOBER 1ST 2013 - All users of this module need to upgrade to the latest version or your shipping will not work correctly.


To upgrade, go to our Upgrade Page and input your Order ID (from when you purchased the original FedEx Module) and your email into the order form. If you purchased the old Module within the last 12 months, the upgrade is free, otherwise, there will be a charge of $20.

The FedEx Real Time shipping add-on communicates directly with the FedEx servers to calculate the costs of shipping packages from point to point. The customer can then select the shipping method which is most appropriate.

If you have not previously purchased the FedEx Real Time Shipping Module, the cost is just US$40.00.

The merchant has access to numerous facilities when using the interface besides just calculating the rates. These include:

  1. The option to obtain separate rates for different delivery addresses
  2. Support for both US domestic and international shipping
  3. The ability to apply surcharges based on a percent of the shipping cost or a fixed amount
  4. The option to exclude certain shipping methods
  5. Automatically combine products into a single package (or you can tell VP-CART to always treat certain products as individual packages)
  6. Packages can be auto-split if the weight reaches a certain limit
  7. Feature-based weights support


FedEx Requirements

  1. The FedEx add-on is currently only available on Windows servers
  2. You must register with FedEx to obtain an account with them
  3. Available only for US and CA customers - may work for other countries, but this cannot be guaranteed. Contact us if you are unsure.
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