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Email is an important feature of VP-CART. Mailing occurs under the following activities, but can be individually configured to be turned on or off:

  • Mail to customer and merchant on order completion
  • Mail to others (mailing list) on order completion
  • Mail to suppliers on order completion
  • Mail on customer buying a gift certificate
  • Mail to Tell a friend
  • Mail on order tracking message to merchant
  • Bulk mailing by merchant
  • Mail to merchant on new customer registration
  • Mail to merchant on new product review
  • Mail to customer on order tracking message by merchant
  • Mail to merchant on new gift registry creation
  • Mail to merchant on affiliate registration
  • Mail to affiliate on registration
  • Mail on order received for affiliate
  • Mail on processing an order by merchant
  • Order Completion Emails
  • PIN purchase
  • Low count of PINs available
  • Low or no stock for products

Merchant and Customer Order Completion

By default, VP-CART will automatically e-mail both the merchant and the customer when an order has been completed. Both receive extensive details about the order including prices, name and address and products ordered.

For security reasons, VP-CART does not display credit card details in the e-mails.

VP-CART can send both HTML formatted e-mail and/or plain text e-mail. HTML formatted e-mail requires the VP-CART Option Package.

Changing E-mail Messages

Using the Option Package, mail messages can be changed using a plain text editor.

You can change the email templates by simply editing the plain text files, where a mailing component is used in the Option Package. Mailing occurs in the following cases.

  • Additional merchant addresses at order completion
  • Customer reviews a product
  • Affiliate registers
  • Supplier registers
  • Gift certificate purchased
  • To individual suppliers at order completion
  • Customer joins the mailing list
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