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Developer Solutions

If you fall into one of the following categories, you may be entitled to current or future discounts on VP-CART software.

  • Developers
  • Students/Teachers
  • Resellers
  • ISPs
  • Merchants
  • Anyone with a web site

You can also make money from purchases made by other people with your affiliate ID. Simply link to our website from your website, and you do not even need to purchase VP-CART. For more information and instructions for our affiliate program, please click here

Resellers and ISPs

If you plan to sell 6 or more copies of VP-CART over the next year, you can sign up for our reseller discount. This will give you at least 40% off on purchases. However, the first purchase must be made at the retail price. Click here to sign up as a reseller.

Discounts of 50% and more are available for bulk purchases of VP-CART software.

ISP and Web Hosting Restrictions

ISPs, developers and web hosting companies cannot offer a re-badged version of VP-CART without an expressed written consent from Rocksalt International. See our reseller plans for ISPs and hosting companies.

ISPs and other web hosting companies cannot offer hosting only versions of VP-CART without a written agreement with Rocksalt International. The license for VP-CART is for only one merchant and each shop requires its own license.

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