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VP-CART has extensive optional features that can be tailored using your favorite editors, such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver. By simply replacing and/or changing a few files, the total look of the site can be unique

  • By changing the header and trailer files (shoppage_header.htm and shoppage_trailer.htm respectively) the shopping cart logo, header and footer can totally reflect your own website style.
  • Product displays are totally customizable using templates
  • Category displays are customizable using templates
  • Most shop colors are defined in one place, shop$colors.asp (similar to a normal style sheet)
  • Change the supplied stylesheet- shop.css
  • With over 300 configuration options you can control numerous forms and displays
  • Shipping information can be required or bypassed, or add your own constant shipping information
  • Order buttons can be configured
  • Sort Orders for categories, subcategories, and products
  • Fields to be displayed for products
  • Currency formats and decimal points
  • and hundreds of more options...

Product and Category Displays

Product displays are extremely flexible.

You have full control over what fields in the products table are displayed. VP-CART has three major ways of displaying products.

Default table method - configure which product fields are displayed, sort order, type of order button, or multiple product selection; no HTML knowledge or programming is required.

The second method allows you to totally replace our code with your formatting using HTML. An example is included with the VP-CART package. This method gives you total control of everything, however, some HTML knowledge is required.

The third method is Column based, where each product is displayed side by side. You have full control of the formatting, but some HTML knowledge is required.

Open Source

VP-CART comes with complete source code. You can modify it in any way you choose. Many customers add frames around VP-CART, others change the font, the fields displayed for each product, or the color of the cart. You can make VP-CART anything you want it to be.

Want special customizations

If you want something unique, we may be able to help. We do programming customizations of VP-CART, for an agreed price. If the project is anticipated to take a large number of resources, a deposit is required. However, the majority of the instances, you do not have to pay until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Automatic Extended Descriptions (VP-CART 5.50 and later)

VP-CART will be able to generate extended descriptions for any or all products using a template. A template is an HTML file you create with your favorite editors such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

VP-CART will then merge database fields with your template to create an extended description page. In addition, it can also add an order button to the page so the customer can order directly from this page.

This feature replaces the need to create individual HTML pages for each of your products. There can be one default template or individual products can share templates. Templates can display any field in the products table include any fields that you add to the database. Templates can apply to allow products or have different templates for groups of products. A default template is supplied.

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