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VP-CART can handle almost any type of payment.

  • Credit cards stored in your database and processed manually
  • Credits cards through numerous gateways
  • No credit cards
  • Any other type of payment
  • No payment at all

Credit Card Summary

Credit cards can be handled in three ways.

  • Stored in the VP-CART database and view and processed manually
  • Stored in VP-CART database but encrypted
  • Using over 80 different electronic gateways and Paypal

Basic validation of the card is done for local processing of the card. CVN is supported

Credit Cards can be stored in the VP-CART database and then manually handled the way you currently process mail order or phone orders. A comprehensive order display with all the details can be viewed through the VP-CART administrative facilities.

The second method is to use an electronic payment gateway. This requires you to sign-up with the gateway to obtain a merchant account. The Gateway automatically checks credit card details and arranges for money to be directly credited to your bank account.

There are hundreds of electronic gateway systems on the Internet. VP-CART currently supports many popular ones such as Verisign, Authorize Net, Linkpoint, Paypal and many others.

No Credit Card E-Commerce

VP-CART can happily process orders with no credit cards. VP-CART also supports any other type of payment you can think of. You can provide the types of payments you will accept, such as phone orders, check, purchase orders, COD.

Credit Card Validation

VP-ASP has basic credit card validation built it. This facility can be turned of during testing if required. VP-CART can optionally encrypt the credit card information when storing the sensitive information in the database. If the database is stolen, the credit card details will appear as unreadable characters.

Electronic Gateways

VP-CART also supports many electronic gateways such as Authorizenet, Linkpoint, Verisign and many many more. Click here for a complete list.

No payment at all

VP-CART has three ways of handling no payments.

  1. Set the Configuration option to catalog only- the customers can then just browse your products but not actually purchase anything
  2. Skip the payment page- when the payment page is to be displayed it automatically is skipped and the order is completed (this is a shop configuration option)
  3. Set your prices to 0- if an order total is zero, VP-CART knows not to request payment and the order complete, this allows you to provide free products to customers
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