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CartSpan for Peachtree


CartSpan is an easy-to-use bi-directional interface for Peachtree Accounting that will import orders from VPASP and update item prices and quantities-on-hand in the cart. This frees you of the burden of re-keying order information in the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers.

Though built expressly for Peachtree, you can use CartSpan to produce a well-formed CSV file suitable for mapping to other accounting systems.

CartSpan overcomes some of the common challenges experienced with exporting orders from VPASP, which include: price determination of bundled sub-items, and the parsing of the second address line for billing and shipping addresses.

The CartSpan integration utilizes server-side PHP scripting and direct SQL calls to the retrieve order information; so, performance could not be any faster!

Best of all, CartSpan is offered on a 'Try Before You Buy' basis, so you can feel confident about your investment.

Product Features:

Order Download

1.  CartSpan recognizes the GL Sales accounts of individual inventory items

2.  Manage both retail and sales pricing from within Peachtree

3.  Option to import order as either an INVOICE or ORDER

4.  Option to automatically register a cash receipt following an invoice

5.  GAAP compliant accounting for Gift Certificate sales and redemption

6.  New customers are automatically added to Peachtree

7.  Option to automatically create items in Peachtree

8.  Order pick-lists (with stock locations) are email for fulfillment

9.  Email alerts to Administrator(s) in the event of exceptions

10. User set desired order download frequency

11. The CSV export may be used as a 'feed' to other accounting systems

Price/Quantity Update

1.  Global and material-specific markup capability

2.  Manage both retail and sales pricing from within Peachtree

3.  Retail rounding rules for items subject to markup

4.  Optional check for open Purchase Orders to indicate backorder status

5.  Supplemental export to custom-mapped CSV (if desired)


All credentials used to access the shopping cart are securely encrypted

To support PCI compliance, CartSpan does not transmit or receive any credit card or sensitive financial information to/from the shopping cart.


Order Download/Import:  CartSpan has been stress-tested against a well-established ASP.NET commercial platform and performs very well for large order volumes. A sample of 100 single-item orders (pre-existing item; same customer for all) was downloaded in approximately 60 seconds. Performance utilizing the mySQL/xNIX back-end is estimated to be 4x faster. All 100 orders were effectively processed during a continuous import in approximately 13 minutes on a Dell XPS M1730 workstation (Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz). Expect slightly less than double import times on less capable machines when a new customer record is being created for each order.

Item Price/Quantity Upload:  CartSpan has been stress-tested against an implementation of another well-established open-source cart utilizing the mySQL/xNIX platform. Over 10,000 items were successfully exported from Peachtree and uploaded to the cart via a single call to the supporting PHP script.

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