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From the VP-CART administration menu, you can send bulk mail to all or selected customers and affiliates. The mailing can include:

  • Simple text message 
  • A file in text format
  • A file in HTML format
  • Mail Merge where data from the database is merged with your mailing template
  • Add an attachment to bulk mail (version 5.50 and up)

Mailing can be done from the customers' table, orders table affiliates table or suppliers table.

Selecting Mailing

When a table is being edited, simply select "Mail Setup". This brings up a menu that allows you to select the type of mailing (plain text, HTML or mail merge), the subject of the emails, the from the name and e-mail address.

Simply by selecting the checkboxes corresponding to each record, or by clicking the "Mail to All Records" button, you can email to the selected or all customers, suppliers and affiliates. The mailing is done simply and easily.

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