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Affiliate processing allows you to associate individual orders with another site, person, or company.
The site links to your shopping site passing their affiliate number. VP-CART remembers that number and adds that number to any orders processed for that customer for that session.
The Affiliate system is part of the VP-CART Option Package and includes:

  • Associating individual orders with an affiliate
  • Affiliates can self-register
  • Affiliates can review orders placed, links and commission amount
  • A merchant can produce commission reports by date
  • Detailed reports which include:
    • The number of links
    • The number of orders
    • The total of all orders
    • Date of last link to your site
    • Date of last order
    • Commission reports for any period of time
    • Logging of each specific link
    • More Affiliate System features
  • Ability to add, alter affiliates using standard VP-CART administration
  • Affiliates can review orders and change their details.
  • Ability to have both a master affiliate and sub-affiliates
  • Affiliates can be directed to a specific page on your site, to a specific product or group of products
  • Using cookies (optional), customers who return to your site will also be associated with the affiliate
  • Affiliates can receive an e-mail on each order
  • Affiliates can view the number of links per any date period
  • Affiliate system is part of the VP-CART Option Package.
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