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VP-CART and Accounting Packages

VP-CART supports numerous ways to interface with accounting packages:

  • Standard VP-CART Export Facilities
  • Customer developed Quick Book Interfaces
  • Enhanced VP-CART Export
  • Customized export facilities

Standard VP-CART Export

Any VP-CART table including orders can be exported into a standard comma delimited format. This format is standard and is used by many packages as a way of importing and exporting data. The exporting facility can be used to:

  • Import into an accounting package
  • Keep backup of data
  • Move data from one server to another

VP-CART and Peachtree


CartSpan is an easy-to-use bi-directional interface for Peachtree Accounting that will import orders from VP-CART and update item prices and quantities-on-hand in the cart. This frees you of the burden of re-keying order information into the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers.

Click for more information on CartSpan for Peachtree


Cart Connect

Cart Connect allows VPCART merchants to integrate with MYOB for accounting purposes.

Cart Connect is looking for Beta testers to assist in testing the VP-CART integration into Cart Connect, an application designed to provide a simple solution to importing online orders directly into MYOB.

Why use Cart Connect?

  • Cart Connect saves time entering order information into MYOB
  • Cart Connect reduces errors caused by manually entering data into MYOB
  • Cart Connect is easy to use
  • Cart Connect is easy to install and does not require changes to existing items in MYOB or VP-CART

If interested, please email [email protected] or 02 8004 7512

For more information go to http://www.cartconnect.com.au/

Monsoon Stone Edge

Monsoon Stone Edge allows VP-CART users to integrate their inventory and orders with their back end accounting system.

For more information on Monsoon Stone Edge please visit:


Enhanced VP-CART Export

This facility is a free, on request, add-on that will export items from both the orders table and the items table into one export record. Fields from both tables can be selected.

Customized VP-CART Export

New code can be written, for a fee, that exports data in the form you require. Data can be exported in almost any format your package requires.

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