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The following administration facilities are available while the shop is running, and they include:

  • View and print orders
  • Display sales reports
  • Add and alter products and instantaneously be seen by your customers
  • Configure the shopping cart
  • Add, delete and modify products
  • Add, delete and modify any table
  • Define other administrators
  • Display affiliate reports
  • Bulk Mail to customers
  • Send order tracking messages
  • Export data from any table
  • Bulk update stock and prices
  • Perform searches of the database
  • Define menus and tasks for each administrator
  • Import data
  • Run other reports
  • Generate static HTML


Multiple Administrators

An administrator with the correct user id and password can view and display all information about the order which can then be printed, marked as processed, and optionally be deleted. Multiple users are supported, with each having different administrative facilities.

If the administrator uses a secure SSL link to the shopping administration, activities conducted will also be encrypted for additional security.

VP-CART allows you to add additional users with different privileges. One user may be allowed to alter product details and another to only view orders.

General Menu Facility

The menu facility supplied with VP-CART is very general and can handle any type of ASP or HTML page, even those not associated with VP-CART. This allows you to add your site-specific administration tasks to the administrator's menus.

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