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PCI Compliance and hosted gateways

VPASP is now PCI Compliant for extra security

Gaining PCI Compliance with a Hosted Gateway

The process for gaining PCI Certification will differ from business to business. Generally speaking, however, the process for setting up VP-CART and gaining PCI Certification with a hosted gateway solution is likely to include the steps below.

Step 1. Set up your online store
Step 2. Choose a PCI Compliant hosted gateway provider
Step 3. Install the gateway on your site
Step 4. Appoint a PCI Auditor (such as Hackersafe) to check your website
Step 5. Fill out the self assessment questionnaire

Click here for a download list of PCI Compatible Gateways
Click here to read the PCI Compliance FAQ

NOTE: Depending on the amount of revenue your business generates PCI Compliance may be a mandatory for obtaining a merchant facility from your bank.

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