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Window Shoppers to Loyal Customer

Thursday, October 25, 2018

One thing you can't take away from buyers is their ability to 'window-shop'. This comes from an indecisive feeling imbibed in buyers even before they see the merchandise. Often times, buyers who surf the internet for new products mostly get enticed by those products but in the end would still say the regular 'it's nice, but I don't think I can buy it'.

The truth of it is that most people visiting your store may not be willing to buy any product whatsoever. Many of whom will give out fair reasons like not knowing or trusting the merchant, high prices, coming back next time and so on. These and more are the reasons why brick and mortals stores delved into the art of converting even first-time window-shoppers into permanent buyers for their sites and stores.

Stores like Amazon and eBay have dozens of employees whose sole responsibility is to monitor and regulate the activities of customers on their sites. Converting a window-shopper is not as easy as it sounds, but with strategy and dedication it is attainable.

Post Testimonies of Loyal Buyers

This works like magic all the time. Most of the big names (Amazon, eBay etc.) don't go about messaging prospective buyers, convincing them about a product. Instead, they let their loyal customer's testimonies do the talking for them. A lot of people visiting your site for the first time rely on your customers review. That way, they would be sure and must have made up their mind in patronizing your site or store.

Remember: Take the good, the bad and ugly. Don't allow only positive reviews. If you do so, you discredit your store because buyers will feel they are sponsored or made up.

Retarget and Restructure Your Site

Your landing page is your salesman and first impression really matters. 38%of visitors will abandon a site if they find it unattractive. A pretty landing page with good navigation is your first step to selling. Ensure your UI is very responsive and try not to clutter. If you haven't updated your site with a mobile responsive design you're leaving money on the table. A customer who has decided to make a purchase is ready to browse through several product variants in seconds, so make it speed, else they will bounce.

Include Freebies, discounts, and Rewards

54% of shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts if those products are subsequently offered at a lower price. Bundle creatively, use discount and coupons to drive loyalty and conversion you seek. Your store must never go weary of flash sales, percentage-off and coupon banners that can be used by first time shoppers and loyal customers. Everyone likes a deal, that feeling of saving. Make it happen.

Give them quality choices

The more customers can choose from an array of products, the more likely they are to make the right decision themselves. Study shows that consumers who are offered a richer array of relevant choices in a given product category grow engaged and interested in quality and don't necessarily look for the lowest prices.


Delay can be dangerous they say, more so for a store, but a high cost of shipping - that can be fatal. Shipping can make the difference between success and failure for eCommerce retailers. The reason named more than any other for cart abandonment. To answer this, it is best to understand what does it for the customer - speed or price. In a study, 97% of respondents say that a 'free shipping' option affects their purchasing decisions to some degree and customers were not ready to pay extra for same day delivery. But no one should be in denial of the definite benefits that the on-time delivery brings about. Strike the balance and make low cost your priority. More importantly, make customers smile at your return policy when unsatisfied with a shipped product.

Let them go, but help them remember you

Be prepared for that window shopper, because they could be your future customers. It is sensible to write products description with SEO ranking in mind but never loose track of who buys eventually. Convince your customer that your products have the features and benefits they need. Answers any potential questions with regards to size, weight, durability -- clear their doubts. Importantly, nothing convinces a shopper than quality photos featuring a product from different angles. It brings the real world experience of being able to turn a product inside out to satisfy your curiosity.



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