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Why you need a live help platform for your website

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Whether you are a large retailer or run a small business, responding fast to a lead or a potential customer is going to leave a better impression than making the customer(s) wait around. Connecting real time with your customer makes them happy, giving you a higher probability of conversion rate.

When live help was getting popular, it made some serious sense to me. It was one of the best tools that many small and other service companies used on their websites and yes it was quite annoying to use for customers at the start, Imagine having to wait for long hours only to get a generic message that has nothing to do with your inquiry.

Let’s be sincerely honest here, the only way to maintain the customer’s interest after a potential lead inquiry is when they are still thinking of your product or service (Usually within the same hour of inquiry). Nobody wants to send a support email only to get a response (probably automated) 48 hours later.

They might have completely forgotten, or even worse, they may have moved on to the next available competitor with faster response time.

Thankfully, having a business tool like live chat can fix that, even when you personally aren’t there to respond.

Recent research has shown the following,

  • 29% of consumers have told friends or colleagues about a positive live chat experience
  • 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support
  • 51% of consumers are more likely to stay with or buy again from a company if they offer live chat support

It is a very clear fact that waiting for more than 15minutes to attend to a customer’s inquiry drastically reduces your chance of conversion by 50%. You always have to remember, there is a lot of competition out there and that customer you are not attending to at the moment is more than willing to get on board with the next available competition that offers the same kind of service and is willing to respond to their inquiry in no time.

In our fast-paced society, having live help on your website helps increase the conversion rate especially when you are not readily available to engage with the customer. An instant live chat greatly improves your response time rate, buying you an essential commitment from the potential lead which in turn allows you to help them out even when you are not around. Let me put it this way, quicker response time equals better customer service equals happier customer which in turn generates more sales.

Of course, each tool has its own pros and cons, both for operators and customers, and there’s no "best” option that will work for every site. That is why I will be listing out some popular live chat solutions and you can make your decision which suits your website best.



a. PureChat

PureChat offers an almost completely free service is one of the only tools on the list with a completely free offering at its lowest level.

PureChat is both intuitive and simple. The chat box is unobtrusive and can be customized with its own color scheme and agent photo.


The platform has 3 major plans, the free plan, The Growth Plan starting at $39/Month and the Pro plan which starts at $79/month.

Users’ Verdict

It integrates smoothly with popular web-based content management, social media, and e-commerce services, it is easy to use, giving the operator and the customer a quick, no-nonsense live chat solution that can be up and running quickly. You can also save and store live chat transcripts to identify your top performers.


b. Olark

My personal favorite, Olark ease of use comes in the form of real-time reporting, automated messages, and straightforward team management tools. Rated to be one of the best platforms in terms of customer experience, Olark is so customizable that you can easily adjust it to fit your exact live chat needs. It practically takes a few quick visual tweaks to make your Olark chat box look right at home on your website with a stylishly on-brand chat box that is bound to keep your customers’ interest to chat longer giving you ample time to convert those sales. VPASP Shopping Cart now supports Olark

It provides you with full access to your complete transcript archive, along with a user-friendly interface for searching, sorting, and filtering your way to the most relevant insights.


Olark has a free plan package capped at 20months for a single user, while other plans cost $17 per agent per month, with discounted options available if billed yearly or biannually, you can check Olark Pricing for more details.

Users’ Verdict

There are many advantages of getting on board with Olark; trust me on this one. But the most impressive of them all is the fact that all of the live chat transcripts on the platform are traceable, making it easy to pull qualitative data and customer insight which you can use to improve your marketing strategy. So if you look for a straight forward, easy to use live chat solution that can give you that edge, look no further. Oh, did I forget to mention that VPCART supports Olark You can read more of that Here


c. Comm 100

It is a hosted solution, with its built-in features like unlimited chats, automatic greetings, real-time visitor monitoring, and extensive customization. Comm100 also has several integrations with popular plugins and content management systems.


Plans come in three major packages, namely Team, Business, and Enterprise. Cost begins at $29 per agent per month.

Users’ Verdict

Although most of the customization options are available on all plans, some of the more desirable features require an upgraded plan to use but in all, it is a desirable platform for all business sizes.



Live chat software offers a lot of features, from push links to visitors to co-browsing with online shoppers, and learning how they found your site. MyLiveChat allows you to engage in multiple chat



My live chat has 5 major plans, and these include the forever free plan for one seater, starter plan. Basic Plan, Corporate plan and the Enterprise Plan. Prices start from $15 per month

Users’ Verdict

The platform offers an easy to use chat platform that can be easily integrated with your website and mobile platforms.


e. Drift

Often called the Conversational Marketing platform, this solution is designed to help businesses make the most of their sales team’s time, and it utilizes automation to make that happen.


The solution offers a free plan for one seat, to $50/month Standard plan and a $500/month Pro Plan.

Users’ Verdict

Drift is an excellent option for businesses looking to automate parts of the live chat process, but might not be a viable option for small businesses with lower chat volumes


f.ProProfs Chat

It is the easiest and fastest way to engage and convert website visitors to customers. It offers quality responses using ready-made templates & greetings, as effective customer service is an integral part of business success.


Plans come in 5 major packages, Forever Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Enterprise plans, starting from $8/month to $149/month

Users’ Verdict

If you really want to enjoy this solution then be ready to make some payment as most of the desirable features are only available on the paid packages.


Given the impact that live chat can have on your conversion rates and general revenue, it is imperative to respond faster to a lead or a potential customer. And don’t forget, creating a better customer experience, goes a long way in the project your brand positively, so take your time to go through the list above and make that important business decision today.

And if you are currently using a live help platform on your website, kindly share with us via the comment box on how the live-chat system impacted your sales.

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