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We are excited to announce that the beta release of VPCart 9.0 is now available

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

As much as we can, we have integrated the feedback that many of you have provided VPCart into this first beta and we would like to encourage developers and users to try out the latest advances we made in our shopping cart and share their impressions as we gear up for the general availability of this new version - VPCart 9.

The launch of beta signifies a new phase in the stability and functionality of VPCart 9.0 and our focus will be to enhance the overall user experience and actively solicit feedback to better meet your needs.
VPCart users, here's a great opportunity to help us make the next release the best ever!

VPCart 9.0 has a myriad of new features and here are some highlights

Fully responsive and mobile friendly admin interface:

We understand that managing an ecommerce store can be round the clock job and it's not always convenient to log onto your computer to make changes / process orders. Now manage your store on the go with our mobile friendly admin manager.

Easy Customization:

Quickly implement layout changes without manually putting in codes to every single page of your site. With our new design manager, you can define all the visual elements of your store with stunning new programmed templates.

More Integration

More payment gateway partners and accounting systems to make it easier for you to manage your orders and customer info, process and expedite customer checkout easily.

Speed, Security & Service

VPCart 9.0 is an innovative leap forward from our previous version and optimized to load faster and we have taken more step to provide more security and capped with the stellar 24/7 we will provide to match this new advancement.

Product variants, mega menu, incomplete order follow up and much more

Now add different colors, sizes and design of a product to your inventory to satisfy more customer appeal and taste. Also let visitors find what they need easy and fast with the ease-of-navigation the comes with the 9.0 mega menu. Shore up sales with incomplete order follow up and reach about 70% of your customers who abandon cart.

We are happy to make the Beta available to all our customers. And this includes existing customers that still in 12 months of license. For customers whose license expired already, they can surely renew license to try our v9 beta. Please follow link to download the V9 Beta Pac Now.

VPCart 9.0 Beta incorporates new advanced functionalities and demonstrates significant performance improvements. We’d like to thank all the developers and users who are providing our team with invaluable feedback and contributions.

We are fully committed to ensuring that our users have the best platform possible that puts them in charge of their stores and connect simply with the world around them.



Product Sales Reports (Monday, December 3, 2018 00:00)
We are interested in knowing if products sales reports can be generated to indicate sizes, colors,etc. on a daily or block time basis.

Chuck - Pennsylvania, USA
@ Chuck (Wednesday, December 5, 2018 00:00)
Hi Chuck,You certainly can view the product details in VPCart 9. You need to set up the products as variants so each variant has its own value such as small, red etc and this then will show up in the product and sales report.To automate the generation of a report would require a tweak of the code and the creation of a scheduled task on the server and then you could create reports at set times automatically.Hope this is what you were looking for!Cam Flanigan

Cam - Australia
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