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VPCart 8.00 Tips & Tricks: USPS Configurations

Monday, June 15, 2015

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the shipping methods available for all VPCart merchants. For those of you who have already upgraded to VPCart 8.00 and installed the uspostal800v4 module, here are some of the configurations to help you set up your USPS.
Please refer to the details below for each field after installing the uspostal800v4 module:
Enable: set this to "Yes” to enable US Postal realtime shipping.
Merchant User ID: Enter your USPS User ID.
Merchant Password: Enter your USPS password.
Merchant ZIP Code: Enter your merchant ZIP code.
Server Name: USPS production URL. Leave default to: https://production.shippingapis.com/ShippingAPI.dll
Ounce Field: USPS requires weight in pounds and ounces. You need to enter a field in the products table to place the ounces. Default field is pother4.
Pound Field: The default field for pounds is "weight.” This can also be changed if needed. Pounds must be in whole numbers.
Communication Interface: Communication Interface to UPS. Valid values are: XML2 / XML3 / XML4 / ASPTEAR / DYNUHTTP
For example, if your server only has XML2 installed, then enter "XML2.” You can ask your webhost what xml components are installed in your server.
Individual Packages: Setting this to "Yes” forces calculation of each product separately. This adds greatly to overhead since multiple calls to USPS are required.
Use Supplier ZIP: If you want the supplier’s address to be used as the shipping address, then set this to "Yes.” Works only in conjunction with Individual Packages=Yes.
There are more configurations to help you set up USPS, and we have actually prepared a Help Note detailing all USPS configurations. Please click the link below to access the Help Note:
For any questions regarding the Help Note or regarding the uspostal800v4 module, you may send an email via [email protected].
Happy selling!


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