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VPCart Released

VPCart Released
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hi everyone,

Just letting you all know that we have released today the latest update for VPCart 8 which is v8.1.0.17.
We recommend all VPCart v8 users upgrade to the very latest version of VP-Cart.

You have a choice of either downloading the Service Pac which can be dropped over the top of your existing store or downloading the full version.

For v8 existing customers, you can download our Service Pack for v8.1.0.17 at 


Or if you want to download the full pack, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to https://www.vpasp.com/sales/upgrade.asp and provide your Original Order Number and Email to validate your license

2. If your order is still within the 12 months period license period, the software will be emailed out to you.

3. If your license is older than 12 months you will need to renew your license to download the very latest update.

For any v7 and older versions customers, if you would like to upgrade to latest version, you can go to:


Below is a list of the updates applied to the core software.

1. Bug Fix: home content record should always use tmp_default.htm

2. Bug Fix: Tell friend and Review: Recaptcha v2 does not working properly

3. Include diagnostic db process to diag folder

If you have any questions regarding this please submit a helpdesk ticket to us and our team will be happy to assist.


Happy selling!


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