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VPCart teams up with Kiwanis to help save unborn babies lives

VPCart teams up with Kiwanis to help save unborn babies lives
Monday, April 23, 2012
Hi everyone,

As you all know, running your own online business can be incredibly time consuming and sometimes it's easy to forget just how lucky we are in the western world. Recently we were approached by the charity Kiwanis who asked if we could help out with a project they are doing for Mother's Day. 

Kiwanis is a global community based organization committed to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. 

They asked us to create a website where people can make donations towards helping to protect millions of women and their unborn babies against the devastating effects of tetanus. When we learned what an amazing cause this is, we wanted to ensure we did everything we could to help out. 

So we created www.mothersdayproject.com.au, a place where people can learn more about the effects of tetanus and hopefully donate money towards wiping out this terrible yet easily preventable disease. 

The site works by allowing customers to purchase a gift certificate which generates a preformatted PDF file with the purchaser's and recipient's name included.

This certificate is then sent to the purchaser so they can print it out and present it to the recipient on Mother's Day.

It was a very interesting project technically and also emotionally as we learnt more about the issue of tetanus and unborn babies.

Happy selling
Cam Flanigan


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