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VPCart QuickBooks Gateway Important Update

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Recently Quickbooks has sent important announcement via email to merchants about the need to include two mandatory fields for ecommerce and mobile flag.

Some of their email announcement are as below :

QuickBooks Merchant Services Payments API will require that the ecommerce and mobile indicators for all purchases made from a handheld device (smartphone or tablet) to be set within the application. This will affect any purchase whether the card number is keyed in, swiped, or fetched from a pass-through digital wallet like Apple Pay or a staged digital wallet like PayPal/Google Wallet.
You will need to activate this in your production application prior to February 1, 2018.


To fulfill their requirement, we recently have updated our v8 Quickbooks gateway module so it will send parameter IsECommerce and IsMobile to Quickbooks during checkout. The recent updated file is quickbookspgshoppayment.asp.

If you use v8 Quickbooks gateway, you can download the latest Quickbooks XML Integrated module at :

For Business Ready Plan customers that are using this gateway, please submit a helpdesk ticket and our support team will help you check and update the gateway files for you using latest files.

However, if you are using v7 and below versions of VPCart, below could be the alternatives :

Option 1 :
Upgrade your older version to our latest VPCart.
To upgrade, simply go to :

And then install the upgrade into your older version site.
Once your site is v8, you can download the v8 Quickbooks gateway as mentioned above.

Option 2 :
If you do not wish to upgrade to latest version for certain reasons, we can quote for you to downgrade our v8 Quickbooks gateway to be compatible with your v7 or lower version.
If you are interested for a quote, simply submit a helpdesk ticket to us at :

Thank you.



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