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VPCart and Text Marketer are joining forces to provide you with an ecommerce SMS solution

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Increase sales and your customer base with SMS marketing

VP-Cart has now teamed up with the guys over at Text Marketer to bring you the perfect SMS system to help you develop and grow your business.

Text Marketer are one of the UK’s biggest and best suppliers of business SMS, supplying some of the biggest and best known brands around, down to the small independent boutiques - Text Marketer have helped them all.

With the huge increase and rise in importance of mobile and m-commerce, businesses and brands are seeing huge response rates and success stories with mobile marketing. This has led us to source and now offer this new solution

Benefits of mobile marketing

Almost everyone now has a mobile phone, and it not only seems to be the preferred way to communicate but the preferred way to carry out most of our daily tasks. One task being shopping.

50.3% of ecommerce traffic comes through a mobile

98% of text messages are read compared to just 22% of emails

£19.9 Billion of retail spend is predicted in the UK alone via smartphone in 2015

About the partnership and Text Marketer

With Text Marketer there is no set up fee, monthly fee or long complicated contracts - just simple SMS.

Their online SMS system comes jam-packed with great innovative SMS tools, Tier 1 network connections and incredibly low prices.

They also offer free delivery reporting, and unlimited support.

So sign up today for free today and get your mobile marketing plan in full swing. Sign up here using the promo code ‘vpcart’ and you will receive 100 free credits!




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